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Robust and reliable connectors are crucial in handling huge volumes of data exchanges between devices. Whether data is drawn from fibre-optic cables, electronic data interchange, coaxial cables or wireless transmission the options for the right connector are numerous. You can choose from our wide range of application-specific connectors by part number, or in case you need advice on selecting the appropriate connector, Incotech can suggest the best suited solution and offer added-value for any logistics needs. 

You can find technical solutions for applications in aviation, aerospace, defence, automotive, agriculture, robotics, offshore and other high-performance, technology-driven industries. Do you have questions about one of our connectors? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.

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All MilSpec connectors:

  • Avionics / aerospace connectors
  • D-Sub: all versions (also RVS)
  • High density- connectors
  • Medium and high-density PCB connectors
  • Hermetical connectors
  • Micro-miniature connectors
  • Circular and rectangular connectors
  • Connector savers
  • Waterproof connectors
  • Subsea connectors
  • Automotive connected technologies
  • Coaxial connectors, available in multiple styles
  • Audio connectors
  • Filter connectors
  • Databus connectors, multiple
  • Rack- & Panel connectors
  • Micro-miniature connectors
  • BACC connectors
  • ARINC connectors
  • Military Spec connectors


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