Cable & Wire

When wire and/or cable are deployed in high-quality applications, they have to meet many specific requirements. So for example, perform well during large temperature fluctuations. They can have to be lightweight, robust or flexible and in some cases, the cable needs to be fully shielded, so that the information cannot be intercepted. Ampere  strength, voltage, frequency, etc. also need to be specified. Often there will be a good standard variant available, but occasionally a cable might have to be custom made. Incotech will help you with this (sometimes complicated) requirement. We can also, if desired, provide you with full cable assemblies. See below the types of wire and cable that we supply:


  • All constructions
  • VG 95218
  • Shielded and super screened
  • -75°C / + 200°C
  • Flat woven cable
  • Engine cable
  • Oil resistant cable


  • Teflon (PTFE) wire – Tefzel (ETFE) wire – Crosslinked Tefzel (XL-ETFE) Kapton (polyamide) wire – Spec 44  wire –  Spec 55 wire – Halogene free wire – Thermocouple wire – MilSpec wire – Space wire
  • Boeing- Douglas- Fokker- Airbus- Lockheed-Martin- General Dynamics- Gulfstream- Hughes- Rohr- Rockbestos- McDAC- Bell- Raychem- Specialty-