Nowadays there’s more and more data exchange between devices. Many of those exchanges between devices are effected by means of electronics, partly optical, and partly “wireless” via radio waves. In order to connect and disconnect devices easily, you need connectors that function reliably in the given circumstances and environment. The options are numerous, and often specific to the application. The key question is, “what is the best solution for my finished product and what connectors can I use?”

Incotech will answer all your questions about connectors with pleasure. Even if you have already made your choice, or if you already know the part number you’re after, we can still offer added value, for example in the logistics area. Examples of connectors that we supply are:

• All MilSpec connectors
• Avionics and space connectors
• D-Sub: All versions (also RVS)
• High Density- connectors
• Medium and high density PCB connectors
• Hermetical connectors
• Micro- and miniature connectors
• Circular and rectangular connectors
• Connector savers
• Waterproof connectors
• Deep sea connectors
• Automotive connection technologies
• Coaxial connectors, also available in multi style
• Audio connectors
• Filter connectors
• Databus connectors, multi
• Rack- & Panel connectors
• (Micro)miniature connectors
• BACC connectors
• Arinc connectors
• Military connectors
• Etc..